Membership is open to all persons interested in the Society's objectives.

Members enjoy these valuable benefits:

SLOCGS Mail List

The SLOCGS Mail List allows members who choose to join it to share genealogical and historical resources that they find online with the other members in the group.


Five times a year, members receive a reminder about upcoming meetings and classes sponsored by the Society as well as some meetings of interest at nearby genealogical societies.


Twice a year each member receives a compilation of genealogy related stories written by Society members.

Reduced fees

Members enjoy discounts on publications, reduced admission fee for Society seminars and classes, special member rates for research trips and lower hourly fees for research assistance.

Priority for limited seating at classes and activities

Link to member's website

Any member who has a website may have a link to it posted on the Society's "Links" page.

Published Genealogies

Each member is invited to host his/her own Genealogical Family Tree Online providing it meets the qualifications given at SLO Published Genealogies.

Go to MEMBERSHIP FORM for dues information and new or renewal application.